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PM who does well in a crisis?

Link: PM who does well in a crisis - Telegraph.

How do the Government spin-doctors do it? Is it corruption? Hypnotism? Are they procuring sexual favours for journalists? Even the Torygraph presents Brown in a good light for two-thirds of this article before making what ought to be a killer point.

At the same time as Brown is posturing in the COBRA committee (what on earth has there been to talk about during six meetings in four days, other than news management?) the fact remains that;

If it emerges that the institute was the source of the outbreak, there will be some very difficult questions for Mr Brown, the man who has controlled the Government's purse-strings for the past decade.

It is. He was. While he struts Mussolini-like, the Opposition should be baying for his political blood. Brown has squandered the nation's wealth on the purchase of Labour votes, while neglecting the essential work of Government. It is time to affix a rope to a lamp-post, not to praise his "doing well in a crisis," grudgingly or not.

I am prepared to give Cameron time to sell his new Conservatism. However, it is hard to accept a Conservative leader who lacks the killer instinct.