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Snapshot_20070820_235813Today I rested after my journey from the South of France, before returning to Moscow tomorrow. I had the pleasure of meeting my friend from Second Life and fellow blogger Bag for a lunchtime drink in my home town in Northern England.

It was rather surreal that we were able to recognise each other on first meeting as we look like our SL avatars. I am pleased to report that Bag (pictured, dancing at the Blogpower Awards) is just as nice a guy in RL as SL, if not quite as exotically-dressed .


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Welshcakes Limoncello

How wonderful that you met up in RL!

Dave Petterson

Tom, It was a pleasure to finally meet you. I did enjoy the time and I enjoyed a very interesting discussion. The Celtic coins was of particular interest to a fact junkielikemyself. You are as much a gentleman in the flesh as you are on the blogs and in sl. I thank you for your time and the booze of course. :)

Colin, I didn't realise those items would cause so much trouble. James is still recovering at sl rehab. Although it was actually the Jack Daniels that got him. It just goes to show you how evil these things are and I'm already lobbying for the owners to set up a KGB style police force, based on the UK one, to break into people virtual homes and take them away and search them for these items.

Colin Campbell

Did he pass you any surreal spliffs or other drug related paraphenalia? Of course not, you can't smoke in pubs in the UK. It would be hard to meet his Second Life hospitality.

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