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'John Prescott to stand down as MP'

Link: 'John Prescott to stand down as MP'.

ThatsjustjohnOh, the lecherous, freeloading old bruiser was an MP was he? I didn't know that. I thought he was some  kind of National Fool, employed at the taxpayers' expense (of course) to wear cap and bells to cheer up an oppressed people.

The question is this. Who is the political heir to the compromising 10x8's whose existence can be inferred from his remaining in clover for 37 years?


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I've met the man, pressed palm etc.

He really is a vile piece of flesh and a rude waste of space.

Welshcakes Limoncello

Fair enough. No, no particular Tory in mind. I agree with all that you say in the above comment.


I would hate any talentless creature who, by freeloading on his trade union and his nation, had contrived to live a useless life like Prescott's. I guess it makes it more hateful that - as a Labour Party man - he pretends to moral superiority in selflessly serving "the workers" (from whose ranks he could not wait to escape). Apart from that, the answer to your question is emphatically "yes".

Consider how much it cost to keep this man in his grace and favour homes (Council Tax paid for) and on his free "I am the one coming back with the tan, so **** them" trips. Consider the capital value of his "free" pension, and contrast it with those of us who have created wealth and jobs for decades and had to put our own money aside for old age. Probably the equivalent of the population of my home town worked their whole lives to pay for John Prescott. What exactly did they get in return from the dense lout?

Do you have a particular Tory in mind, as a matter of curiosity?

Welshcakes Limoncello

Would you hate him quite so much if he were a Tory?


Now Tom, is that absolutely necessary? Poor Prezza has to compensate for the size of his - well anyway, let's not kick a dog when he's been going round in circles for years.


Last comment was by me (Mountjoy) - typekey/typepad is playing up...

Yes, it is rather surprising, isn't it? He is finally making his eggs-it.

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