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Burning our money: Why Nimbyism Is Always Right

Link: Burning our money: Why Nimbyism Is Always Right.

FootandmouthThe ever-reliable Wat Tyler tells it like it is, as always. While the State Propaganda Arm presents Gordon Brown as the Saviour of the Nation in the face of potential disaster, Wat raises a wry smile with the comment that;

That's the first anyone round here has heard that the Lab's "extremely tight biosecurity" might not include the wind.

No-one can know yet how the virus was allowed to escape. How typical of this anti-business government of ruthless spin and lies, that it is already briefing against the private pharmaceutical company that leases space at the Government laboratory. Whatever the outcome of the investigation, that dirt will stick as the liars know full well.

The company is from the USA apparently. If the accusation is false, I hope it will follow the American Way and sue the lying swine. Not the Government, you understand. That would just be taking money from the taxpayers, so no-one in power would care. They should sue the individuals concerned. It is time they were taught that the Nuremberg Defence is not available to them and that they are responsible as individuals for the evil they do in the Government's name.


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Jeremy Jacobs

It's probably just one of those things. Calm down


At least the lying bastards haven't blamed a Chinese restaurant this time. Anti-American racism isn't as bad as anti-Chinese, perhaps?

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