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Link: Man avoids jail for website 'sick jokes' | Uk News | News | Telegraph.

What a happy and peaceful nation we must be, if the police and prosecutors have the time and energy to pursue a man for "sick jokes" on an obscure website which go "beyond the realms of bad taste."

Never mind free speech. Never mind the need to deal with crime of the quaint old-fashioned variety. This is the really serious stuff; so serious that the court "considered a custodial sentence".

How can the Government hold back on building more prisons when there are such monsters at large?

It's hard to feel sorry for this convicted felon. He disgraced himself by his pathetic snivelling to the jacks-in-office who appointed themselves arbiters of his comedic taste. His sucking up has secured him a sentence of 160 hours of community service. He should have done his jail time like a man. It would have been the least of his punishment anyway. He now has a criminal record and will be denounced as a self-confessed racist for the rest of his life. Was avoiding jail really worth the indignity of grovelling?

Meanwhile, one of the 100,000 professional criminals who wreck our lives by driving up our insurance premiums, putting us to the cost of fortifying our homes and systematically violating our privacy will not be pursued, so that the police can continue to rig the crime statistics. And the warped logic will continue to prevail whereby a student humourist moved to a place of safety to escape Muslim wrath is accused of causing a breach of the peace, while those who actually threatened him violence are not.

Does a society with such priorities even deserve to survive? I might not relish the prospect of Sharia Law in Britain, but at least I could understand the principles behind it. At least it has some.