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Killer boasted of stamping on woman's neck

Link: Killer boasted of stamping on woman's neck | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited.

At the risk of encouraging more simpletons to trot out the all-purpose accusation of racism,  I shall state the obvious. All cultures are not equally valid. All opinions are not of equal weight. Truth is hard to discover, but it is not relative. The same is true for morality.

A culture which regards it as desirable to rape, torture and murder a young woman who disobeys her father is an ignorant, primitive culture which is inferior to our own (imperfect though ours is).

It is insane that we have allowed such primitives to live in Britain. We need immigrants, but we should be selective. We should not hesitate to discriminate between prospective immigrants on the basis of the contribution they can make to our civilisation, as well as to our economy. This is not a matter of race. Britons of Indian and Chinese descent have made an excellent contribution and are more successful, educationally and economically, than the indigenous population. Incidentally, if racism were a serious problem in Britain, that last statement would not be true.

It would be as wrong to judge Kurdish society by the actions of Mohamad Hama, as it would be to judge British society by the actions of Fred West. However, the elevated "suicide rate" among young Asian women in Britain suggests that this is no isolated example

British society is flawed and there are many things we need to improve, but if we lack the moral strength to defend our own culture and mores we deserve to fall. At some point, we need to decide if that is to be our fate.

Let the accusations of racism begin - and to hell with those who make them. My contempt for them is almost as boundless as that for Mohammed Hama and his friends.