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The Party's over...
Is Gordon Brown a post-Communist?

It's "Gordon Brown Week" at the Last Ditch

BrownThe British now face their immediate political future under the leadership of a man they hardly know. Is he a charmless thug, or a canny political operator? A good and kind friend, or a "Stalinist" who would turn even private grief to political advantage?

Or all of the above?

For the next 7-10 days, the Last Ditch will be dedicated entirely to a review of the politics and psychology of one man; Gordon Brown.

Posts in preparation include:

"Can Gordon Brown be trusted?", "Is Gordon Brown a post-Communist?", "Gordon Brown and Prudence", "Gordon Brown and British Values" and "Gordon Brown and Britain?"

We never chose him, but we've got him. Perhaps it's time we tried to understand him?


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Welshcakes Limoncello

I, too, will be very interested to read your perceptions of the man, Tom.

Dave Petterson


I can save several hours of your life.

1) No he can't be trusted.
2) He is worse than a post communist. If the USSR had not collapsed he would be scrapping the EU and joining us up. No referendum required.
3) She wouldn't have him. He knows nothing of any other type of prudence.
4) lol. Talks a good fight. Not.
5) He will fight for this or guarantee a loss next election.

Crushed By Ingsoc

I'll be interested to see your psychoanalysis here, Tom.

He's been there so long, yet perhaps we haven't taken the trouble to study him enough.


I think he looks tired and ill. It might just be a flu, of course.

The Ego

I agree with Ian. I am very fascinated to hear your views on this man. I all ready have my theories where he will take England...although I suspoect he will only have a short road to drive with his announcing a general election soonish rather than later.


I will follow this with interest,you have your work cut out!

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