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Is Gordon Brown a post-Communist?
Gordon Brown and "British Values"

Gordon Brown and "Britain"

Much has been made, not least by his own publicists, of Gordon Brown's support for the United Kingdom and of his desire to see the Union Flag flying from all our public buildings. He is a proud Scot (and why not, there is much to be proud of) but he loves the United Kingdom and all her constituent parts too.

So he would have us believe.

Yet Brown's last act as Chancellor was to discriminate against England and almost his first act as Prime Minister was to insult her by appointing "Ministers" for her imagined "regions". Scotland and Wales are proud and united nations within the United Kingdom. England, the largest home nation is naught in Brown's view but a collection of provinces. England, whose language, culture and technological innovation shaped the modern world more than any other nation, is - in Brown's opinion - no nation at all.

Brown's repeated incantation of the phrase "the nations and regions of Britain" proves that his professed love is pure cant. He seeks to divide and rule England, as so many of her enemies before him.

The Claim of Right, signed by Gordon Brown in 1988, read:

We, gathered as the Scottish Constitutional Convention, do hereby acknowledge the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of Government best suited to their needs, and do hereby declare and pledge that in all our actions and deliberations their interests shall be paramount.

He has been true to his word. No-one denies the Scots' right to self-determination. On the contrary, a majority of the English now wish they would hush their noise and be off, taking Brown with them.

A mere 163,000 Scots are net contributors to the United Kingdom's Treasury, a situation for which Brown - after 10 years in charge of the nation's finances - must take the blame. The English people are the largest nation of the United Kingdom and, disproportionately, its paymaster, yet they count for less and less with each day that New Labour remains in power.

This man cannot remotely be trusted to protect their interests.


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No No

We subsidise the English. We have the oil. Why do you lot keep this lie, that we are subsidised. There was a radio four doc that pointed out Scotland was not subsidised in the seventies despite deliberate government lies, that it was. Why would you believe such lies now. Or are you a stooge of the government. Listen to Snp

Jeremy Jacobs

I really don't like this English Parliament stuff. There's one country - the United Kingdom. Excellent post Tom.


I quite agree. The idea that devolution should spread to English regions both ignores the existence of England as a nation and belittles Wales and Scotland as nations by making them cognate with English regions.

On the question of creating an English Parliament, if I were an Englishman I'd want to retain Westminster as my parliament for traditional historic reasons, and favour instead the creation of a new institution to cover the UK as a whole. Excluding MPs who do not represent English constituencie from purely English matters would perhaps be a logical start.

Dave Petterson

Can't argue wth anyhthing in here, Hopefully the UK will be ripped apart by Scotland, who as socalists, thnk they can run a country better than anyone else.

On to then, the death of the labour party. May it be painful and bloody.

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