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Down in the dumps

James Higham observed recently that I am "down in the dumps," and he's right. I am tired and in dire need of a break. I shall be spending a couple of weeks in the South of France from this weekend and I am counting on the Cote d'Azur to work its magic. But that's not why.

I was upset by the CPS decision not to prosecute in the "cash for peerages" affair. It has shattered my faith in another British institution. Only the ancient institution of the jury is left to believe in and this Government is the sworn enemy of that.

The CPS is only the latest institution to let us down. Parliament has failed in its essential duty - in an unconstrained democracy with no constitutional protections - to defend the people's rights. Parliamentarians have been bought off by the Executive with pay, pensions and perks provided by the people's pennies.

The police service has been steadily politicised and seems keen only on hitting "soft" targets; the respectable people they are there to protect. The courts seem sometimes determined to bring themselves into disrepute in their quest to find ever more bizarre interpretations of "human rights." The education system is a farce; State  teachers being little better than leftist cadres indoctrinating our children.

I am satisfied that you or I would have been prosecuted on the evidence reported against Levy. He's an arrogant man, given to threatening litigation, so let  me make clear I am not saying he is guilty. That should have been for a jury to decide. He had made it clear that he would not go down alone. By doing so he brought all possible pressure to bear on his political friends. It is hard not to infer from the public facts that they in turn brought pressure to bear on the CPS.

If guilty at all, Levy was no more or less so than Tony Blair. It is impossible to believe that he did not know what his tennis partner was doing. He retained his services to do it. Nor is it possible to believe that Gordon Brown had no idea where the Labour Party's money was coming from. I accuse no individual, but I believe crimes were committed. I believe they have been covered up. I now believe that men of power in Britain, as was not even the case in the Middle Ages, are above the law.

So, I have been finding it hard to blog. Read the above paragraphs again. Is there anything to inspire? No. Is there a positive message of hope? No. Is there a call to arms? No. I thought my few readers deserved an explanation for my silence, but when I read it over, all I can see is that silence is better than the public, burning, resentful acceptance of defeat.

The Labour Party is a greater enemy of the British people, and of the English people in particular, than we have known for some time. It is a self-serving, corrupt clique which exists only to ensure that mediocrities like John Prescott and Hazel Blears can taste the dark delights of power. Yet my countrymen and women are, it seems, ready to keep voting for them.

One other British institution has failed. In the third term of an administration which has massively increased taxation, switched employment from workers to drones and savaged the nation's liberties, the Conservative Party is as effective as a chocolate teapot. If there is no Opposition, there is no democracy.

So yes, James. I am down in the dumps. I have turned, uncharacteristically, to escapist reading, My friend Bag [correction: it was Ian] has introduced me to the classic sci-fi of Robert A. Heinlein and damn fine stuff it is. My family is in England at the moment and I am whiling away my lonely nights and weekends in Second Life, talking to friends from around the world about anything but politics. Perhaps I should be doing something more valuable. Perhaps. But in present circumstances, blogging isn't it.

So posting will continue to be light for the foreseeable future. Maybe my holiday will give me back my strength. I hope so. I shall use it to decide whether, after two and a half years of sustained writing, the Last Ditch has reached the end.


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I share your feelings of frustration about the public's inability to see this Labour administration for the mediocrity of talent it represents.

I'm also tired of blogging. I will be doing less going forward.

But i have decided to get more involved in the political scene down here, helping get going a new Australian libertarian party.

Our expectations are low - but i cant help feeling its a more productive vehicle than blogging.


Pecker up, old chap!


Focus is one of the most important elements in a blog. I am sure that you will find your focus in due course. No need to force it. I understand your sentiments, but would humbly suggest that the power of your contributions are greater than you might imagine.

Devil's Kitchen


I hope that you don't give up, although I can sympathise with your position; we have all struggled with the political Black Shuck from time to time. I shall miss your wise and measured words for one.


Welshcakes Limoncello

Oh, Tom, please don't give up blogging! I'm sorry you are so fed-up and I, too, thought it was a travesty that they all got away with it in "Cash for peerages". I agree with most of what you say here but please don't be so hard on state teachers! One day I will write about what it's really like to be one. Have a good holiday in la belle France and come back to us refereshed. Auguri

Tom, have a break, old son, recharge the batteries, forget any comments made on climate change, enjoy, relax, have a long pina colada or whatever your tipple is, meet L'Ombre and say hello for me.

Hell man, you've been working your butt off solid for a year. By my recollection you've had just two breaks [one to the Guido/Iain party.

You deserve it.


Don't loose heart, we all feel the same!

Our time will come - I can feel it, be patient.


Give over, you great pudding. Just think how much we'll all enjoy it when we get to decorate the lampposts with the bastards.


Keep up the good work,the darkest hour is the one before dawn, one day we will get out country back, its well worth fighting for.


I read your blog with interest,Tom.
You eloquence and your analysis is an inspiration.
I look forward to more when your batteries are fully recharged!


Like better men before me, Mark, I have little Latin and no Greek. I may need to learn some Mandarin or Urdu for professional reasons shortly (do you know me in RL? How odd you mentioned those!) But I have no natural facility with foreign langugages, as my Russian teacher would tell you with a sigh. They might distract me from one pain with another, I guess. Second Life is frivolous, I agree. Maybe that's why I find it so distracting. I am learning about people there, which is all there really is to learn about. And it's far too frivolous a place for the dour cadres of Britain's Socialist tyranny, which makes it an even more appealing fantasy land.


I appreciate the kind words of encouragement from people I respect, whose blogs have given me so much pleasure. How embarrassing, Ian - you are right of course it was you. I really am enjoying Heinlein, so thank you!


Enjoy the wine and countryside scents. But Second Life? I assume you know the classical languages but why not teach yourself Chinese or Urdu or something? Buy some books on Amazon. I found it fascinating and very distracting...


UK government institutions have been employing people for the last decade on ethnic background. I have resigned from such an institution in sheer frustration of the mediocre standards and poor services offered to their service users. I would rather be alive than Red. My dignity and self worth are challenged by such dead people receiving money, not being able to do their jobs, and stalling mine. There is no team spirit. There is no man-management lest they tread on the ego they uncover. Scared of each other in the workplace, scared of each other in the street.

New Labour knows. Promiscuous males. Feminist outrage. Gays follow momma.

Ian Grey

I thought it was me who introduced you to Heinlein (in second life), but whatever, as long as you are enjoying it!


Tom, believe me I feel very much the same way. My faith in institutions that form the core defences of our democracy has been sorely tried. A few lights remain in the gloom; Ld Chief Justice Phillips is one. Gen. Sir Richard Dannatt another. The clergy are so wrapped in eachother's arses at the moment that the Bishop of London is being quite silent. The Murdoch press is holding back. The BBC are so infused with welfarist high-tax centralism (not R or L wing, just Big State, Big Corporation, central London bias)

So yes, the CPS can take a perverse decision and get away with it. This bankrupt, corrupt, fiscally incompetent, sleazy and ineffective government is having a very easy ride.

My boat is my safety valve. Just taking her out beyond the UK's territorial limit, when all laws lapse except Maritime ones and I am sole Master under God is usually enough. It's also a reminder of what Englishmen are made of. We're slow to anger, but tenacious of our land, our identity and our freedoms. You can't rush the English into indignation - it's a slow stew. That's one of our virtues. The Lord Protector will not be able to keep up the con for much longer - brighter days are ahead.

Enjoy your break. The steady chipping away at this corrupt cabal of socialists from the Blogosphere - the small blogs like my own - is really worth it. It WILL build to an effect.


I can only offer you the same words of comfort that you gave me when I contemplated giving up over the self same issue- I went away to Southern Africa to work, the change of scene has re-charged me, seeing Britain from a far is like watching a much loved relative slowly being slowly consumed by cancer, heart breaking. As to a call to arms, I do not see the Cameroonian Revolution breaking this lot. Perhaps we can discuss the alternatives in Moscow when I am there later in the year. Have a good break, sample the wine and countryside. I have a French Libertarian to introduce you to in due course, also a Lawyer et un Docteur de Droits to boot.


Don't despair. There might be an election soon.

The opposition have never been an effective check on government. The only institution that has been a check is the unelected house of lords but they are en trying to get rid of that.

Colin Campbell

All the best Tom. Enjoy your holiday. I must come and visit in SL. I have hardly been back since the awards. It was so much fun to be part of that. Just going by myself is a pale imitation.



I understand exactly what you mean. I have been facing the same issues too, and it has led me to reduce my blogging. You said it so well in your post, and there is nothing I can add to that.

I really hope you continue blogging, though. Don't give up. I choose to believe that all is not lost, and that one day, the British people will awake from their slumber and realise what this Government has done to them. Until then, let us try to do our part, however hard it seems.

Yes, a good break could be just what you need to raise your spirits. Wishing you all the best, and hope to see you back here, informing and inspiring us as always.

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