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Cash for honours: No charges brought.

Link: Cash for honours: No charges brought - Telegraph.

Last night The Daily Telegraph established that key figures involved in the inquiry are actively considering suing the police for wrongful arrest - and media organisations which have said they would be charged, for libel.

I do hope that they sue. I am yet to be satisfied of the political independence of the Crown Prosecution Service. I fear it may have been one of the most foolish of many centralising innovations. I would love a jury to judge these peoples' stories. The jury is the one British institution that still works.

Oscar Wilde's downfall was caused by a rash lawsuit. These people are just as vain and silly, if not nearly as talented, as Wilde. May the gods send them lawyers more greedy than wise.


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Tom Paine

I am not myself on first name terms with his lordship, Jeremy. If I were I would be his friend and would advise him as such not to sue. If I were hired as his lawyer, I would do my professional duty and advise him not to sue. As neither his friend nor his lawyer but someone who utterly despises him, I hope and pray that he will sue.

The standard of proof for criminal trials is substantially higher (quite rightly) than in civil cases. Ask OJ Simpson. You can't ask Oscar Wilde, as he is no longer with us, but either gentleman would understand that very clearly.

Jeremy Jacobs

Michael Levy's reputation has been tainted why shouldn't he sue?

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