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UK 'one of worst countries for social mobility'

Link: UK 'one of worst countries for social mobility' | Uk News | News | Telegraph.

According to Labour's "Schools Minister," Jim Knight (my emphasis);

"While we continue to see a flow of negative speculation about the current state of education, the facts tell a different story. Pupils achieved the highest ever GCSE results for English and maths - meaning 62,000 more left school in 2006 equipped with the basics than in 1997."

Now let's see. Which is better? academic research (aka "negative speculation") or assertions by Ministers based on data their government has rigged (aka "the facts")? Fortunately as one of those "working class children born in the 1950's" who had a better chance than his peers today, I don't have to answer the question. I know the answer because I have lived it.

Nothing and no-one has done the educational opportunities of the working class in Britain more harm than the Labour Party. I suspect that Harriet Harman knows that full well, as her choices for her own children prove.


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I consider myself deservedly rebuked for sloppily expressing myself. In my defence, it can certainly be said that she does not want her children "enjoying" the same level of education that her party has made the norm.

Surreptitious Evil

I appreciate your point and I know I am being picky but what exactly do Mr & Mrs Dromey's choices of school for their children (her a QC and all) have to do with "the educational opportunities of the working class in Britain"?


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