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The Blogpower Awards - today at 1400 London Time

The USS Higham, and the man himself

The_higham_has_landed_2It's the final day of preparations. Tomorrow at 1400 London Time, the Blogpower Awards will be presented in Second Life. Yesterday, the founder and guiding spirit of Blogpower, James Higham, finally made his SL debut. After a tetchy start beset with difficulties, but with the guidance of a number of Blogpower SL veterans, I think it's fair to say our boy is ready for the big match.

Snapshot_003Here, courtesy of Free Jersey Blog, is the photographic evidence (click to enlarge).

Today also saw the launch of the latest craft in Second Life to be named after a Blogpower blogger. Here is a photograph of my new space craft, the USS Higham.

Congratulations, James, and here's hoping that it all goes well at the awards.