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Is this how the Crown Prosecution Service would treat you?
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Ben Around

This is an issue in the UK. It surely is not one in the US.

You would be awfully hard pressed to get anti-Israel stuff a fair hearing on any US campus.

Frankly, the criticism of Israel in places like the FT is refreshing. There is more than the one side of the coin presented in the US. Sounds like the UK is getting an equally inaccurate flipside of US coverage.

Lastly, one likely solution to Darfur is one we are unable to talk about: small arms. If every man, woman, and child had them, there would be less predation. But no, let's have marches in NA and Europe and make silly logos on the internet. Let's pretend those things matter one whit.

As you said, just another rain dance.


Tom ... don't forget to keep those nominations coming in - vote early and vote often!

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