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More visitors from Blogpower in Second Life

Blogpower_meetingRuthie_hoversNotsaussure Another late night meeting and greeting friends from Blogpower at my virtual home. Ruthie Zaftig was there, practising transcendental meditation, as were Theo Spark, NotSaussure and Delicolor. After a long chat in my office (see pictures of us around my meeting table), Jeremy Jacobs finally arrived - providing a real psychological insight by his choice of avatar, a dark and brooding youth. Ruthie seemd to have modelled her avatar closely on her blog photo (and who wouldn't if it were like hers). NotSaussure however, is pictured in his continuing quest for the perfect, beard-free, look.

Unfortunately, James Higham has video card trouble and may not be able to make it. That would be very disappointing as he is the life and soul of Blogpower.


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Good news! James Higham will be able to borrow a friend's MacBook on the night and join us at the ceremony.


Click on the SLURL link in my sidebar (near the top on the right - the first item under "Blogpower, with the picture of my avatar at the podium) to load the Second Life software and be taken directly to the opening screen. The coordinates will be loaded. Click "Connect" and you will be there - in the venue hall. IM "LastDitch Writer", so I can add you to the BlogPower group.

Good luck, Tom

Lord Nazh

I will attempt to get there tonight after work (around 20:00 central, 2am gmt) but I don't expect to see anyone :)

How do I find your pad? So I can look around.

Ian Grey

I had video card trouble as well- a stonking big 61 Meg download!

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