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Out of this world

RuthieangelNotsaussureNotSaussure is getting the hang of Second Life. It doesn't do there to hang on too tightly to reality; or even to verisimilitude. Still, the angels' wings he found for Ruthie do look rather fetching. And (in Second Life) they work.

The man himself is working steadily on his appearance, with what intent one can only guess. Here's today's manifestaton.

Ian Grey has been reporting on our adventures over at his blog. I spent some time with him helping him find a suitable outfit for the awards. I also amused his son David with my trick of materialising from a teleport in a Tardis, complete with lights and sound effects. Speak it softly, but in Second Life Tom Paine is a Time Lord. I am happy to demonstrate if you look me up before July 1st, but I am hoping the venue will be too crowded for my Tardis.

In our quest to make sure those who are interested in attending are fully practised and ready to play their part in the awards ceremony on July 1st, we have today flown Zeppelins and gone shopping for ladies' shoes.

This last idea was a cunning ploy of mine to make Second Life attractive to Ellee Seymour and Welshcakes Limoncello. The awards party will make no sense without two of our favourite Blogpower bloggers. I hear they need encouragement to give Second Life a try.  Ruthie's shoes should do it. Problem solved.

Come and join in the fun. Download the software and have a go. It's free, it's amusing and it's a surprisingly effective way to meet friends and chat. For the awards ceremony to be a success, we need as many friends as possible to be there.