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PoolpartyToday was the busiest day of all at Last Ditch House in Second Life. Some old friends were back, such as Ruthie, Delicolor (Ian Grey) and Devil's Kitchen. But there were lots of new ones too. Just look at this assembly of guests by my pool!

I am beginning to lose track of names vs avatars now, particularly as new inhabitants of Second Life tend to stop every few minutes to change their appearance!

New visitors today included Imah Gynoid (Imagined Community), FreeJersey, CrushedbyIngsoc, Jocko Cioc (Colin Campbell), Bag of Bag's Rants and Lizbet Waydelich (Liz). All were very welcome. As I am away on a business trip, I was at leisure from my lonely hotel room to give them a couple of hours tour and training. There are now 16 registered members of the Blogpower Group in Second Life. Their SL names are:

LastDitch Writer
Delicolor Furse
RogerThornhill Loon
Bag Writer
DevilsKitchen Writer
Imah Gynoid
TheoSpark Allen
RuthieZ Dagostino
CrushedbyIngSoc Merlin
Chipendale Dagger
LordNazh Martinek
ThunderDragon Writer
FreeJersey Writer
Lizbet Waydelich
NotSaussure Writer
Jocko Cioc

If you are venturing into SL for the first time in preparation for the Blogpower Awards, I suggest that you search for each of these members and add them as a Friend. Then you should search for the "Blogpower" group in SL and join it. Enrolment is open to anyone for the time being.

Are you reading this, Welshcakes? The talk of the evening was your promised arrival.  When you are ready, if you have joined the Blogpower group, it is easy to announce your arrival. Just send an Instant Message (IM) to Blogpower, and we will all know you are there.We are waiting for you.


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Ian Appleby

Welshcakes, do not despair! I have tried e-mailing you, but if that does not reach you, feel free to contact me on imaginedcommunity AT googlemail DOT com, and I am sure we will be able to work something out.

Welshcakes Limoncello

Well, I got as far as setting up an account as Welshcakes Rossini and downloading the stuff. Then I got a message saying it can't run 'cos my video card is out of date or something. I just knew this was going to cost money as I'll have to get another computer guy to come and sort it out! Could cry! I do not have any techie friends here or even anyone who knows what I am talking about when I mention SL!


By the time I had filled in all the personal details to post here I almost couldn't be bothered asking....seems to me second life is much the same... how many times will I fill in details ... also oh I can't understand how this works and no one explains so go ahead without me...

Welshcakes Limoncello

That was me just now, btw!

Yes, I'm reading! I know! every time I think "I will get to grips with it today" something happens! Today the computer played up so I had to get the man from the shop over. I WILL get there!

Crushed By Ingsoc

And very pleasent it was too.
I shall be popping over after tea for another look round.


Thanks for the tour, Mr Writer.

Colin Campbell

Thanks again for your hospitality. I am starting to get the hang of it. Lots to learn. I can understand the addictive nature of SL now. I was a bit sceptical, but am glad to be experiencing it with fellow Blogpowerers.

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