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BBC report finds bias within corporation

Link: BBC report finds bias within corporation | Uk News | News | Telegraph.

So? Please tell us something we didn't know. Did anyone think that a broadcaster capable of lauding Cuba's healthcare was unbiased? That a broadcaster which consistently pits the least videogenic Tories against the best from other Parties on Question Time was balanced?

The BBC knows how biased it is. So the only interesting question is why it commissioned this report.


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It presumably thought it was buying insurance against a Tory election win. My own guess is that, short of a big recession, Brown will win the next election after a year or two of reverse-Toni policies. So he'll bring the troops home, insist on a referendum on any more Euro-creep, repeal Human Rights folly, and so on. At least, he's a mug if he doesn't. (If he really has balls, he'll dump the Olympics.)

Ian Appleby

Tom, have you come across this piece by Johann Hari?

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