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Mark your calendar! Blogpower Awards Ceremony 2007: 1st July 2007
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Awards Ceremony Preparations continue...

The Blogpower Awards Ceremony is attracting some interest. I had three visitors at Last Ditch House in Second Life last night; Delicolor (Ian Grey), NotSaussure and Chip Dale. Alarmingly, Mr. Dale was clad only in a thong. (Now there’s a sentence no respectable political blogger ever expected to write).

I forgot to take a photo of Ian/Delicolor, but as his appearance was evolving before my eyes, perhaps that’s as well. I shall take one when he's settled. For the curious, however, here are pictures of the Second Life avatars of the other two gentlemen.
Notsaussure_2 Chipendale
No sign yet of James. If I know him, he’s in secret training somewhere so as to be as slick as possible in his role as presenter.

I wonder if he's shopping for a costume so he can appear as the Blogpower Knight?