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The Devil's Kitchen: A Second Life

A visit from the Devil we know

Today we were honoured with a visit in Second Life from DK of the Devil's Kitchen. Despite claiming to have teleported directly to us on first arrival, he had - as you can see - done a pretty good job of setting up a suitably demonic avatar. What a stark contrast to the "boy next door" looks chosen by the ThunderDragon.

Dkatvenue2ThunderdragonDk_atvenueHe spent some time with Theo Spark, ThunderDragonIan Grey (Delicolor) and myself. After taking the tour of my estate, visiting the Awards Ceremony venue and crashing one of my airships (note my captain's hat in the picture with DK), we adjourned to the local pub in SL to pass some time with my neighbours.

Today, I got the good news that Welshcakes is coming, my psychological ploy having paid off. Now we await the news about Ellee (you have to see the airship named after you, surely Ellee?) and, of course, Liz.

My nervousness that too many would see this as a silly idea is now abating. I am wondering whether to build a bigger venue - or just park an airship next door to serve as the bar...


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Ellee, you are very welcome to use the Blogpower Awards venue for your party although obviously we will be disappointed that you can't be at the awards.

You need to practice a bit first though. Most people have the hang of it in half an hour, but I think it helps (after taking the orientation course SL provides on arrival) to have an experienced companion take you for a virtual walk (and fly).

I am happy to do that if you can make it one evening this week. Thursday? If I am not around when you visit, there are a number of Blogpowerers inworld now on a regular basis. Search for and join the SL Group "Blogpower" and you will be able to send a message which any of us who are online will receive


Tom, I'm intriduged about the airship, I had no idea. What an honour.

I would like to join you on one of your visits to Second Life, I know little about it. As I explained on the Blogpower site, the 1st July is difficult for me because I am likely to be away with my family for a birthday celebration and I try not to blog at weekends as I need to spend this time with my family.

The birthday I mentioned will in fact be mine and I wondered about having a Second Life birthday party, if you would help me, and I would like to invite Blogpower to join me too. Our dates will not clash, my party will be 3rd July, if you would be show me what to do.

Ian Appleby

I stumbled my way in late last night, myself, ably assisted by Ruthie. Tom, your hospitality was exceedingly generous; I never thought to write this, but you may want to ask your bartender to go easy on the measures - I fear I could scarcely keep my feet when standing up to accompany Ruthie on her guided tour.

I will draw a veil over what transpired when my wife came up to find me sipping - well, quaffing would be more accurate, in fact - cocktails by the pool, tete-a-tete with a glamorous stranger...

Roger Thornhill

On SL, found Blogpower, but not sus'd this SLUR thing yet...


All DK needs is horns and a tail!

Crushed By Ingsoc

I must admit, Tom still daunted by this prospect. Is it possible you could talk me through what I have to do?
When it comes to technology, I'm a bit of an idiot, to be honest.
I would like to be at these awards, but I'm all at sea...

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