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'Post votes down after fraud probe'

Link: 'Post votes down after fraud probe'.

20,000 postal voters have disappeared in the wards where the "banana republic" voting scam was detected. That's an indication of the scale of the scandal. It's probably about how many were forged or stolen by ZanuLabour in Birmingham. As we know, it hasn't deterred them from repeating the stunt in Leeds.

Given the low quality of investigative journalism in Britain and the bias of Fleet Street in favour of the Government, I wonder how many such scandals are undetected? It's interesting that the latest story came to light from an investigation by a Murdoch paper. Does the standard of journalistic endeavour in Britain depend entirely on whom the Dirty Digger has chosen to support?

Forget mere "sleaze." If you want to vote for organised crime, you know where to put your "X" tomorrow.