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The Failings of Grayling (Part 2)
Thanks for the optimism - and the cynicism

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Link: 'Private' Brown under constant scrutiny | Uk News | News | Telegraph.

Scottish_stalinistThis article today in the Telegraph is an insight into life at the court of Labour's Red Tsar. I would not knowingly employ such an unbalanced individual to clean my office. Thanks to the utter cowardice of Labour's "big beasts", terrified as they are of his spiteful nature, he is about to lead our country.

Gordon Brown's track record is not promising. All reports are of an arrogant individual incapable of listening to advice. That's bad enough in a Minister focussed on one area. If he stays in post long enough,  as Brown has, he can hope to develop some expertise. However, a Prime Minister who will not listen to advice must end up as a jack-of-all-trades  "Minister for Everything". Even if Brown is the genius he believes, he can not do it.

He has squandered billions by his arrogant incompetence. He will now be entirely unchecked. As Prime Minister, he need suffer no criticism from colleagues. The political untermenschen around him now need not only fear his legendary rages. He will be able to hire and fire them at will. I could almost feel sorry for them. They face utter degradation as not one of them has the strength of character to face him down. They will grovel until, if they have the merest shred of manhood, they will wish they had never lived.

Alas, my sympathies are entirely engaged with my fellow-citizens. Good luck.