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Link: The best way to give the poor a real voice is through a world parliament | Guardian daily comment | Guardian Unlimited.

I don't need to explain why this idea is ridiculous as Deogolwulf has done so, better than I could, here. Now that George Monbiot's grip on reality has been revealed - even by Grauniad standards - to be tenuous, could someone please set him up with a quiet ward on which to learn macramé?


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What seems an insane idea unworthy of comment frequently becomes acceptable. A few hundred years ago, the idea of a European superstate created by means other than conquest would have seemed absurd, yet today we are virtually there.

In the same way, the idea of World Government has become acceptable to people who have never been exposed to any idea of potential shortcomings. George Monbiot has grown up with the Star Trek vision of the future. A world government that is patently assumed to be based upon the USA and not the USSR.

George is not unusual. Most young people desire greater power for the UN, the World Court et al and less for the US and the UK. It is a natural progession from the view that the West is the cancer of the human race. In George's case, he has the additional motivation of green paternalism forcing us all to produce less and redistribute more. What could go wrong?


Thanks for the link, Mr Paine. It really is an insane idea, but unfortunately it is in keeping with a process that has been especially marked in the last few centuries: agglomeration of smaller states into larger ones. Few people seem to appreciate that "Small is Beautiful".

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