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Where's the meat, Harman?

Link: Harriet’s Blog » A particular pleasure to meet Janice Gregory AM in Wales.

Isn't it supposed to be the amateur blogosphere that is full of people boring on about trivia? This woman is a minister, with her own "website team," SpAds and spin-doctors. Yet here she is banging on about nothing much, rather like the most boring 70.5 million of the world's 71 million bloggers. Could she be more anodyne if she tried?

Screen_shot_3If she wanted to suck up to Z-list Labourite Welsh Assemby Member Janice Gregory for her vote for Deputy Leader couldn't she have written her a thank you note rather than clogging up my RSS feed with unction?

In all seriousness, for whom is she writing this?

Screen_shot_2That's an interesting question actually, so I thought I would try to answer it. She has no reader stats, natch, but according to Technorati 28 blogs link to her. This post doesn't help her in that respect, because I was already on the list, defending her honour from false accusations that she would be so crass as to hire someone to write this crap.

I had a look through the blogs linking to her and only a few appeared to be more or less normal Labour supporters. Except that a moment's googling revealed that one of them is the volunteer developer of her site, Jon Worth bigging himself up to potential paid employers as her blogging guru. His junior co-developer Helena Markstedt also gets in on the act.

So Harriet is really reaching out to the masses, then.

Bloggers4Labour are there but then they don't really have a choice. Then there's Leon from Pickled Politics weighing in with his predictable, if somewhat tepid, support, plus one lady (that will tick her off) rambling on about "gender stereotying." Blogs are supposed to be chatty. If Harriet lived up to her gender stereotype, she might be more worth a read.

Screen_shotMaybe if her political opponents stopped going there, she could give up what is obviously too great a burden?

Amusingly, if you click on "blogs" in the sidebar, my final picture (click to enlarge) shows what you get, as of now.

I'll take that as a confession then.


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