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Dizzy Thinks: Interesting minutiae if you own a home

Link: Dizzy Thinks: Interesting minutiae if you own a home.

Dizzy says:

It all comes down to personal responsibility and risk for me.

To me, it comes down to property rights.

Margaret Thatcher let thousands of former council house tenants feel like free men and women because they could choose their own front door, change their windows and generally be responsible for their own property.

Labour has made millions of freeholders feel like council tenants by removing their discretion as to what they do with their own property.

These are not, as Dizzy thinks, "minutiae." Labour has retargetted the police force so that they will not come out if a respectable house is burgled. If you want to install security to mitigate that risk, you need permission from their cohorts (even new window frames now need their permission). They are quite likely to decline on the basis that security blinds etc (such as are quite normal on Continental homes) will make a residential area look "commercial." In truth, they think preparations against crime will challenge their lie that crime has been reduced.

So we must stay vulnerable to Nanny's favourite voters in order to meet Nanny's aesthetic standards. Dizzy says these matters are trivial. I disagree. They are fundamental.


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