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Terry Watch, because he has a public mandate to be a moonbat

Screen_shot Link: Terry Watch, because he has a public mandate to be a moonbat.

If you have not yet discovered the comic phenomenon and anthropological curiosity that is Councillor Terry Kelly, then Terry Watch, my blog of the week, is the perfect introduction.

Bookmark it, subscribe to it, tattoo the URL on your forearm but do not miss out on your daily dose of pterrydactyl politics. Mind you, be warned. As the poor beast is tethered to the post of his crude intellect, baiting him like this is rather a cruel sport.


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Surreptitious Evil

I am not so sure he gets the "mocking" or even the sarcasm. More likely he sees us as the vicious attack dogs of the capitalist counter-revolution.

Smile weakly at this exchange of views between me and our Hero on the subject of the current acting President of Israel.



You have summed him up beautifully, perhaps he needs a visit to Russia to complete his education.


I wonder if he's even aware he's being mocked.

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