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'Stalinist' Brown comment 'not appropriate'

Link: 'Stalinist' Brown comment 'not appropriate' | Uk News | News | Telegraph.

How I hate the modern weasel usage of the word "appropriate." My New Year resolution was to be "inappropriate" all year - and I am doing well. So, who cares whether or not it was "not appropriate," to speak of Brown's "Stalinist" approach and his contempt for his ministerial colleagues? The only question is, was it true?


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You make a fair point, Steve. I dislike such sloppiness too. But no-one accused Brown of slaughtering innocents. The criticism was clearly, in context, that he disregarded the views of others contemptuously and was dictatorial in his approach. My question was, is that criticism true?


Depends what you mean by true.

Gordon has not tortured and murdered millions of people.

I get annoyed when people fling around words like 'Stalinist' and 'Nazi'. For all its faults, I'd sooner live in a country run by a dour, miserable, over-taxing Chancellor/Prime Minister than in Soviet Russia.


Interesting watching different Government ministers lining up to claim that 'this picture of Gordon is not one we recognise', knowing full well that it is.

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