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So who did write the "brilliant" letter?

Medical From the Daily Telegraph online letters page:

"Correction: In yesterday's paper, we published a letter purporting to come from Mike Hallissey, a consultant surgeon in Birmingham. In fact, the letter was not written by Mr Hallissey and did not reflect his views. We apologise unreservedly for the embarrassment this will have caused."

So who was the brilliant joker then, who took such elegant revenge on Mr Hallissey? Why revenge? Well, as "Chair" of the West Midlands Basic Surgical Training Committee, he may have been instrumental in creating the current MMC ("Modernising Medical Careers," better known to young doctors as "Massive Medical Cull") farce. Or then he may just have rejected some bright young doctor with a sense of humour.

Either way, I think we should be told - even if there are 8,000 suspects.


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It's not possible, is it, that some wag purporting to be Mike Hallissey lodged a complaint with the Telegraph?


Tom, Just want to alert you to this warning about bootlegged vodka on sale in Russia, wouldn't want anything horrid to happen to you:

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