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Link: Mother speaks out about Ruth Turner's 'harrowing' ordeal | the Daily Mail.

Ah, diddums. My mother is made of sterner stuff and would tell me, in poor Ruthie's place, that if I wasn't ready for the heat, I shouldn't have been so eager for a job in the kitchen.

I can imagine Ruth Turner really is "isolated," mind you. When your colleagues are about to make a sacrificial lamb of you in the hope of saving their own hides, they are hardly likely (even if hardened, shameless rogues) to  spend much time shooting the breeze. Why do I suspect that's what's about to happen? Because her "close friends" suspect it and, after all, she they should know.

"Her friends" are apparently briefing the press that she is "fiercely loyal" and ready to "take the fall." Perhaps her "friends" should brush up on criminal argot? No-one needs to "take the fall" for an innocent gang boss. A fall guy is only necessary for a guilty one. Her friends are also afraid that she will be made a "scapegoat." A scapegoat took on the sins of others. No sins, no scapegoat required.

These briefings effectively amount to unfounded accusations of the guilt of the man himself. How disgraceful. Teflon Tony hasn't even been interviewed under caution. I am sure Ruth will leap, what with all her "fierce loyalty," to defend her boss against the vile accusations of her "friends."

I am sure her boss, despite (according to her mum) leaving her "isolated," would expect no less.