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Email leak was 'to wreck honours inquiry'

Link: Email leak was 'to wreck honours inquiry' | Uk News | News | Telegraph.

Curiouser and curiouser. Not the theory, of course, which Guido put forward some time before the Daily Telegraph, but the fact that the police seem to be briefing about it. Something "Downing Street" has done must have really ticked them off.

I am still not sure I believe this account of the sequence of events on Friday. For the Attorney General to apply, in the interests of justice, for an injunction  to prevent publication of a document leaked by the office of his political master would be impressive; nay honourable. It's the sort of thing one might have expected of a law officer before the Blair era.

I am sorry to say that, in the current climate of New Labour deceit, it is about as plausible as an appointment to the House of Lords on merit.