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Commemoration day to recall slave trade and make UK face up to past

Link: Commemoration day to recall slave trade and make UK face up to past | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited.

Emancipated_slaves_small2The nation of Shakespeare, Nelson and Wilberforce has no reason to apologise for its ancestors. Not all they did was good by modern standards, but every man is entitled to be judged by the morals of his age. I am sure that much we do today will shock our descendants. Let us hope that they are more merciful than to condemn us for errors we do not understand.

Overall, our ancestors gave the world more than any nation since antiquity. If apology is owed today it is to their memory, for our having allowed the nation they loved and for which they fought and died, so to degrade herself as to be led by such a specimen of modern manhood as John Prescott.


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Colin Campbell

Here in Australia, the issue relates saying sorry to the native Australians. I feel similarly to the premise of your argument on that one. I believe we need to be forward looking on those kinds of issues. Apologising doesn't fix anything, although it may make some people feel more virtuous.

Ian Grey

PC purging tip number 7;

Don't feel guilty for something you are not responsible for: if you weren't responsible for it, you can't be guilty. Visiting the sins of the fathers on the sons is a contravention of the UN convention on Human Rights.


I agree with you strongly on this point Mr Paine. How sad that our media allow the moral relativisom of the modern age cloud a great chapter in our history. The first nation to seek to free the slaves and we are condemed for it?

A stange world is made of political correctness.


"That England, that was wont to conquer others,
Hath made a shameful conquest of itself."

John of Gaunt
from Richard II


Slavery is an evil, England had the moral courage to outlaw it.Now, we have not got the moral courage to condemn black African states where slavery still exists along side unpaid servitude. Largely because it does not fit the cosy white atrocity on black storyline.

Wilberforce's work still carries on in Africa.


...every man is entitled to be judged by the morals of his age...

This is probably the central issue in your post, Tom and I agree.

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