THE LAST DITCH An Englishman returned after twenty years abroad blogs about liberty in Britain
Europe must be united in criminalizing racism, EU lawmakers say
Commemoration day to recall slave trade and make UK face up to past


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He seems to me to be a "man of many faces" - not that he has a personality disorder. He has the ability to adopt a guise AND to believe in it totally , for as long as he needs to; he promptly forgets each absolutely, as he is faced with changing situations....


I for one never took him seriously. However, I am still not sure whether or not that was a wise thing to do. There are dangers in underestimating him; for example, who would have thought that this seemingly nice, mild-mannered man would launch such an assault on our rights and freedoms? On the other hand, one wonders sometimes whether such a man with little or no knowledge of history, and very little understanding of society, would be deserving even of a footnote when the books come to be written.

Some days the 'demon eyes' seem appropriate; other days I see nothing of Blair than his ridiculous caricature in the Simpsons a few years ago.

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