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An honest fool speaks

Link: BRIGHTON-REGENCY-LABOUR-SUPPORTER: I wonder how many people at NO2ID etc have mobile phones?.

Bigbrother They say if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Here speaks such a man:

"I think we should track everyone and put their location on the internet for all to see (this way we can watch the watchers), we should DNA test all babies at birth and then every rapist/murderer/criminal etc would be caught first time (and know they can't get away with it). I know it sounds horrible that nobody could lie about their location and partake in criminal activity and easily get away with it- but what would be really horrible are all the victims who suffer because we shy away from using available technology that would protect them."

Imagine living your whole life in the knowledge that your boss, your wife, your mother or the editor of the local newspaper knows exactly where you are at any time. If you can face that with equanimity, you have no life. This is clearly a man to be pitied.

Sun Tzu observed that in an army, even the cowards are useful as they show a general where the battle is most fierce. In a free society, pathetic servile wretches such as this are useful too. They show the rest of us how far we could fall if we cease to be vigilant.

h/t Longrider