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My point exactly
Birthday Breakfast


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Happy birthday, Tom.

Ian Grey

Fifty? You old fart!

(I'm 49 next month, so a mere spring chicken...)


happy birthday sir. Hope you find something fun too do to celebrate.

Nigel Sedgwick

Happy birthday.

[Note aside. Did you not know that your date of birth is an important secret, relied upon by the UK Government to protect against various form of identity fraud. Not least, they now (it seems) rely on it, at least in part, for verification of any postal vote you make in UK elections. Still, perhaps you are not planning to make any UK votes, now or in the future, or not in the name of Tom Paine. But you and/or the UK Government should beware of an "identity outing".]

Happy birthday again. Enjoy the holiday of the food (and wine) police.

Best regards

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