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Are you convinced yet, that our Government is entirely composed of idiots?

At the British Embassy in Moscow tonight...

Image036 ... for a fashion show. The Ambassador made some interesting comments about the Litvinenko case. Apparently, a decision is expected from the Crown Prosecution Service shortly and may involve asking the Russians to extradite a suspect. He expects this to increase political tensions between the two countries, which are already high, but assured the assembled businessfolk that he thought politics and economics could be kept separate.

Let's hope so.


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Oh right, Smolenskaya Naberezhnaya 10. I get it. Sorry. It's clearly time to get some sleep!


Er, Smolensk?


You were at Smolensk for a fashion show? And you say I don't give much away about myself.

Welshcakes Limoncello

Do you think the political tensions really are that high or are the diplomats on both sides making it appear so? Sorry to hear you've got size 0 models over there as well.


You are right Ellee. The ambassador was very clear that the Russians are still determined to extradite Berezovsky et al. However, that is not in the gift of the British Government. That's for the judges to decide.

As for size zero, alas yes. It was terribly disappointing from that point of view. And, no, my wife didn't want any of the "frocks"


Are the models size zero in the Russian Fed, btw?


What you say doesn't surprise me, I can't see the Russians agreeing, they will probably want to trade him for one or two affluent Russian emigrees living in London.

Did you buy any frocks, btw?


I hope something is done. I was not happy to know the FSB were keen on irradiating London hotels to settle old scores.

If we do nothing then it will only happen again.

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