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Link: Africans still waiting for 'chief' Geldof's help | International News | News | Telegraph.

HypocriteBob says there's a misunderstanding, and he's right. The African villagers thought he was a philanthropist. He's actually just a has-been pop star. It's one thing swearily to demand that Governments expropriate money from their people to send to Africa. It's quite another to spend your own.

If you think "has-been" is too harsh, consider the following (from Wikipedia):

In July of 2006 Geldof arrived at the Milan's Civic Arena, a venue capable of holding 12,000 people, to play a scheduled concert to find that the organisers had not put the tickets on general sale and that only 45 people had showed up. Outraged, Geldof refused to play the concert.... Two concerts on the island of Sicily, as well as one concert in Rome were also cancelled due to lack of interest, the latter having sold only around 300 tickets.

Later, in August of 2006, two thoroughly advertised concerts in Denmark at Århus Stadion and Farum Arena, with seating for 20,200 and 3,000 people respectively, were cancelled as well after only 29 tickets had been sold.

If you think his spokesman's comment that:

The notion that he could in any way develop Bisease is ridiculous. He wouldn't promise something that he could not do, could not deliver. fair enough, then please consider this - also from Wikipedia:

Geldof's wealth was estimated by Broadcast magazine, in 2001, to be £30 million [5], a position of 18th in a list of UK broadcasters. How much of his earnings he donates to charity is not known.

Give them your f***ing money Bob.