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The women who went through an ordeal beyond belief | the Daily Mail

Link: The women who went through an ordeal beyond belief | the Daily Mail.

Time and time again, idiots proclaim "something must be done" and "what about the children" before casting off freedom and justice and embarking on State-sponsored witch hunts. The Daily Mail describes the ordeal endured by the children and parents of Cleveland 20 years ago as "beyond belief." They could not be more wrong. Anyone on the receiving end of the British State's "caring" attentions will recognise the sensations of horror, disgust and impotence described by the Cleveland families.

Only the most naieve could expect that, when the State apparatus intervenes in family life, it will be any more competent or kind than when it does anything else. I know a respectable, loving, middle-class family whose children were taken from them (briefly) after false accusations of abuse. The glee of the social workers at being able to persecute their class enemies was almost palpable. For the parents, smug and prosperous New Labourites, I have no sympathy. They needed to experience the realities of State power as endured by so many at their hands. I do feel sorry for their children.

I would be surprised if one of the Cleveland children is, as the article suggests, brave enough to pursue the matter. It is too delicate even for British afternoon TV. The publicity would harm her life, that of her family, and the lives of all the families. It would, ultimately, be a waste of time. The true "caring" attitude of the British State is revealed by the fact that Dr. Marietta Higgs is still working as a paediatrician in the National Health Service.

So many foolishly look to the State for protection as if it were any more perfect than any human agency. If you are in trouble, look to your family or friends. Throw yourself on the mercy of a stranger if you must. Your chances will be better. The British State only looks after its own.