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I appreciate a message about saving English culture, but this is excessively negative for me. The problem isn't American Pie, or Estuary English, we should be advocating the merits of traditional music not slating those who don't appreciate it.

That's my opinion on the lyrics, the music I have no problems with, it's a very nice arrangement.


Hmm, just saw this on 'The Remittance Man's blog' - they are indeed very good. One of their other videos is of equal quality:

What a horrible fucking din.

Tut! Curmudgeon ;)

The lead singer's diction is excellent! For one, I didn't have to Google the lyrics of a song! Imagine that...


What a horrible fucking din. I'll take your word for it about the lyrics.

Mr Eugenides

A cracking song indeed.

However, I see that the natural order of things has not been disrupted: Dundee band "The View" are at number 5.

You strain under the yoke still, my Sassenach friends.

Ian Grey

I just blogged this myself and downloaded the pukka copy from the Show of Hands website.

A powerful & poigniant song.

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