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As I would have guessed

'One man dead after city shootings'

Link: 'One man dead after city shootings'.

The social contract under which we surrendered our arms in return for state protection has broken down, because the state has defaulted. It has so arranged matters that only the criminals and its own henchmen are armed. Sometimes it's hard to tell them apart while living in the crossfire.

I think it's time we honest citizens got our guns back - and the right to use them in defence of ourselves and our property. For some reason, it seems the police can't make these scum afraid. I think the possibility of facing any one of millions of Englishmen defending their "castles" might just do so.


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Indeed, one wonders whether the events of 11 Sep 2001 (I refuse to call it "9/11") would have occurred if everyone on the planes had been armed! Paradoxical, isn't it?

Dave Petterson

It's the only way to go. However our government won't see it that way. These people breaking into your houses and killing you have rights you know. We don't seem to however.


I agree. Law abiding citizens should be armed

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