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Egyptian blogger jailed for criticising Islam | Breaking News | News | Telegraph

Link: Egyptian blogger jailed for criticising Islam | Breaking News | News | Telegraph.

Every political blogger in the world should spare a thought for Abdul Karim Nabil Suleiman today. There, but for the grace of God, goes any one of us. Those of us lucky enough to blog about governments who cannot (yet) inflict such harsh punishments on critics should pause for thought. We should take care not to overstate our cases by comparing ourselves to those living under real repression.

On the other hand we should also take warning. Freedom is easier to lose than to win. Damage inflicted on our civil liberties tends to be cumulative. Mr Suleiman's fate could one day easily be ours, especially if the intolerant influence of Islam is allowed to grow.


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Mohatma Burberry

An expatriate Englishman living in Egypt; lucky to be permitted to access the internet, largely uncensored, and to gnaw and gnash at the news from home via The Last Ditch. Just don't write anything, that's all. Ever.

Dave Petterson

Part of the reason we are doing this as so this does not happen here.

On the other hand i see Islam as a threat further down the road. A challange to be faced later I personally am more concerned about my government at the moment. So I'm feeling that we we will soon be imprisoned for treason with a retrospecive element so they can sweep us all up.

Welshcakes Limoncello

Couldn't agree with you more, td. I looked at the news on this earlier and thought, "There but for the grace of god go so many of us". Your site seems to be working for me tonight!

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