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Betrayal of a generation | the Daily Mail

Link: Betrayal of a generation | the Daily Mail.

The basic unit of a healthy society is not the State. It is not "the community." It is the family. For the whole of my life, the Labour Party has been the enemy of the family. Any arrangement for the raising of children is as good - in the eyes of our Left - as a mother and father living together and raising their children. Labour hates the family, because it is a place where children learn values. Labour wants children to learn their values only from State agencies.

If you are young and poor, Labour will pay you to reproduce fecklessly; so condemning yourself to lifelong poverty and dependence. If you are educated in the State sector, Labour's policies ensure that your life is dominated by the worst elements of society and that nothing is done to help you if you want to learn. If your mother or father intervene to protect you from bullies or criminals, Labour's police will charge your parents, not them, with assault. Labour teaches you, not by its words but by its actions, that no-one can protect you but the State. Your parents are nothing. The State is everything.

But Labour's "Childrens Tsar" considers that it's all our fault.

The Government-appointed Children's Commissioner for England, Sir Albert Aynsley-Green, said: 'We must acknowledge that these problems cannot be solved by policy and funding alone.

'There is a crisis at the heart of our society and we must not continue to ignore the impact of our attitudes towards children and young people and the effect this has on their well-being.'

How infuriating that a Government which constantly acts as if it is the sole authority on every issue, accepts no responsibility when its policies cause such damage.

This UN report proves conclusively what I have known in my heart since Anthony Crosland closed my local Grammar School; that Labour is unfit to govern - now or ever. It is a morally-bankrupt movement, obsessed with centralising power and money in its own hands. It has undermined every social norm in a deliberate attempt to substitute State power for family life. In doing so, it has systematically wrecked the life chances of the nation's young; creating a culture of dependence which leaves no room for moral guidance from any authority but the State.

Labour is fit neither to govern nor oppose. If our nation is ever to be healthy again, it must cut out this cancer.