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Link: Not Saussure.

Not Saussure is a newish blog (est. August 2006) and I could have read the posts from beginning to date quite quickly. I didn't, because I became intrigued. Like most people, when I enjoy someone's writing, I tend to become curious about the person behind it. There is no "About" page with the usual jokey self-description to avert suspicions of barminess. The blogger's Technorati Profile serves the same purpose while giving nothing much away. I would guess we are dealing with an academic of some kind, who is older than the average blogger. By the time I had completed my researches, I knew more about the blogger's mother. She is a character, it seems. She also needs to be bought some better wine, for her favourite tipple was memorably dismissed by a French friend of mine with the words "I piss better than that."

Is the blogger the author of the crisply-titled book "Not Saussure (Language, Discourse, Society)", retired Professor of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Manchester, Raymond Tallis? Or a former student or other fan? Much as I hope to the contrary, I suspect Professor Tallis's mum is not alive to drink Pouilly Fumé. Is the reticence deliberate? Perhaps the blogger is in some sensitive political job and I should stop speculating before I cause a problem? Probably not. The blog's subject matter is similar to the fare at the Last Ditch, albeit from a more conventionally conservative, anti-American, anti-War on Terror point of view.

There is no sign of the sort of warped thinking that almost inevitably results from economic dependence on the State. Disaffected bloggers of all political persuasions are pretty much united in contempt for the "sound bite" culture of the political lightweights who lead our government (and Her Majesty's Opposition). Maybe Not Saussure is just trying to set a higher tone of political discourse?

Everyone who blogs, blogs for a reason. Not Saussure's reason seems purely political. There is certainly no sign of narcissistic tendencies. The blog covers a wide range of topics and rarely descends to the "what is the world coming to?" pessimism with which many opposition bloggers wrestle. I admire the way Not Saussure always addresses the issue at hand, rather than just ranting, whingeing or groaning at the manifest stupidity of our rulers. It takes patience and firm purpose to keep debating with those who disrespect logic as much as they despise liberty. Even though a policy has obviously been devised to win a headline, not improve our lives, Not Saussure takes it seriously and discusses the pros and cons - leading us towards a view, not bludgeoning us with it.

Whoever Not Saussure may be, you can be ssure you are dealing with a civilised, intelligent, rational fellow-citizen. I recommend this blog for your daily perusal.

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