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The Socrates of the Saloon Bar (Blogpower Testimonial 3)

Link: Pub Philosopher.

The title of the blog almost says it all. Isn't "right wing" (how I hate that meaningless term) blogging the equivalent of the saloon bar philosophising of old? That's what the snooty Guardianistas would have you believe, in between their bouts of haughtily running the lives of "the most vulnerable members of society" (i.e. anyone who didn't find their job through a Guardian advert)

What the title doesn't say, the "Pub Philosopher Supports" badges fill in for you. I reproduce them all here, if only to tick off the said Guardianistas, God rot them.


Here is a healthy selection of sensible ideas that should never have have become "causes" in a democracy with proud liberal traditions. Nor would they have, had New Labour not turned our world upside-down - apparently for little more than the chance to hang out with pervy pop stars. That's the saddest thing about the British political blogosphere. With some notable exceptions (See "The Mad, the Bad and the Merely Misguided" in my sidebar), it is typically full of views that are so commonsensical that they should not really need to be promoted.

Only the topsy-turvy world of modern Britain, with a government on an endless quest for ideological pretexts for tyrrany, would anyone need to get heated in support of free speech or the ability to exist without being physically assaulted for one's "biometrics" and punished for failing to carry an official microchip. Pub Philosopher is very much a reliable, consistent, commonsense blogger. Commenting on an author of a blog he has discovered he makes a typically endearing observation.

In his profile, Rob describes himself as an "Englishman first, Sikh second, Punjabi third."  Someone buy that man a drink.

However PP is also remarkably fearless. For example, blogging about the BNP has (I have noticed myself) two undesirable effects. Leftists immediately call you a racist unless you deny the BNP's right to exist and call for all its members to be fired. BNP members leave approving comments encouraging you to "come out" if you support their right to be wrong. I find myself choosing my words more carefully than I should have to when discussing such topics. PP gives the impression that he just says what he thinks without hesitation. Whatever the topic, he blogs cheerfully on.

One imagines him gently muttering Honi soit qui mal y pense as he gives it to us right between the eyes. That's how all free men should live - and to hell with the mealy-mouthed Guardian readers. I congratulate him. Pub Philosopher strikes me as the sort of guy with whom one really would like to have a drink. Conversation would flow as freely as ale, and all disagreements would be cheerful. His blog is aptly named and well worth regular perusal.

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