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'Grammar schools should never have been closed' minister admits | the Daily Mail

Link: 'Grammar schools should never have been closed' minister admits | the Daily Mail.

I have waited for this admission of the obvious for 30 years, since my own education was trashed by the mad ideologues of the British Left. Can I now sue?

How infuriating that it comes (albeit without an apology) from a Labour Minister, while the Boy David continues to embrace the insane educational theory that has made us the uncultured cretins of Europe.


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Not Saussure

One problem with grammar schools, though, is that people always assume that their children would, of course, attend one because one's own child is, almost by definition, far brighter than the average child.

Obviously, in the nature of things, a wholesale reintroduction of grammar schools would leave a fair number of very disgruntled parents (whose votes are, after all, solicited by all the main parties) wondering why their children were, by some terrible mistake, going to the local secondary modern. This, as I understand it, was why both main parties were originally pretty much in favour of comprehensives.

I say this not to attack the idea of grammar schools but to draw attention to what seems to me a clear political problem inherent in their reintroduction.


Absolutely, I agree, if only we could turn the clock back.

Jeremy, btw, it's Jade Goody.

Tom, do you have a fax number, there is a report I would like to send you regarding your namesake and I cannot link a url link.


Do you want to make that a class action ?

Jeremy Jacobs

No wonder we've ended up with a rubbish like Jade Goodie.

(Compare matriculation exams of the 1920's to today's GSCE's)

james higham

Oh wonderful. Or as the Russians say: Zdorovo!

Admitting the bleedin' obvious finally. My goodness these people have a lot to answer for.


Typical they admit it now. Yet they still will not turn the clock back. Insisting on starting again, yet again.

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