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Link: Doonesbury@Slate - Daily Dose.

Quotidian attacks on President George W. Bush are usually humourless and easily ignored. Cheap anti-Americanism underlies most of them, at least outside the United States. Mr Bush's administration is just too easy a target, because of the "shock and awe" of its shocking, awesome incompetence.

I try not to join the chorus of critics. Firstly, they are so many they don't need help. Secondly because I believe the hapless President is a good man, doing his best. He had the misfortune to be in power on 9/11. He faced the responsibility of beginning a war of survival against - you choose - Islam or Islamism. The fight is justified and the prospect of defeat is unthinkable. President Bush has not yet lost, but nor has he advanced the cause of victory. It's hard to support him, but for me it's harder to side with the usual ragbag of idiots who would sell out to any barbarians, at whatever cost to their intellectual consistency.

Garry Trudeau is perhaps the most dangerous man in the chorus, because - unlike his fellow-singers - he hits the notes sweetly. The linked cartoon is a brilliant example. I love the punchline:

A belief tank?

It's like a think tank, only without the doubt.

I don't often think this of the enemies of Western civilisation, but I wish Trudeau was on our side.