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Ritzy Justice
BNP ballerina defies rising clamour to sack her


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felice anno 2007
happy new year

Welshcakes Limoncello

Here, here! Happy New Year to you.

Tom Paine

Two comments on one post, James? My cup runneth over. There's no immediate danger of a an unfull table as my family and I are preparing to venture out in celebratory mode into the Parisian night. I hope we can see the fireworks from our restaurant. Happy New Year to you too.

Cranmer, I am Graced by your presence. I would miss the 1689 version too, but it has proved a sorry guarantee of our rights to date. I am worried that the new version will be weighed down with surplus verbiage and spurious "rights" but it has to be good news that a coalition of opposition forces is seeking to hinder Labour's march to a police state. At least, it makes a welcome change from their outflanking each other as eco-fascists.

james higham

That's good news, coming into the new year. Happy New Year, Tom and may your table be full. Our first fireworks went off just as I wrote.


And what, pray, becomes of the extant Bill of Rights of 1689?

Impliedly repealed?

james higham

It's encouraging news at the last moment of 2006. Have a Happy New Year, Tom. See you next year.

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