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The Devil's Kitchen: Falling at the first hurdle

Link: The Devil's Kitchen: Falling at the first hurdle.

"Councillor Terry falls at the first hurdle really, by proudly declaring "I'm a Socialist" which, as you may have gathered by now, equates—in the narrowed eyes of your humble Devil—to him announcing that, "I am a narrow-minded, vicious, jealousy-driven tosspot with all the critical faculties of a particularly moronic howler monkey".

The Devil's Kitchen; telling it like it is. God bless him.

Now I don't have DK's knack for le mot sauvage, but when someone says he's a Green and wants to "save the planet", that translates to me as:

"I am a puritanical killjoy with no concept of the scientific method and a burning desire to decimate my fellow-men so that the ugliest remnants of humanity can live the short, miserable, disease-ridden, brutal lives of medieval peasants in a spirit of smug self-satisfaction born of the sense that we have condemned billions of tediously aspirational humans to poverty or death"


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Never mind god bless him, lets get the bugger into parliament, DK for PM.... lol mind you imagine him on the back benches ... boy I would pay to see that

james higham

Tom , am in full agreement on this - the whole ecological debate has been hijacked by the rampaging, PC left and made savagely leftist when it isn't like that at all. In the North of England, it was the local squire who led the charge against heather removal and it was a distinctly 'conservative' thing, behind which the rest of us fell. On another matter, interesting, in the light of your Credo post below, that you should write: The Devil's Kitchen; telling it like it is. "God bless him." Perhaps "God save him?"

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