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A lot of bloggers have referenced this splendid rant by a blogger new to me, known as "Suspect Paki." We read a fair few rants about British Muslims. It's refreshing to read a rant by a British Muslim, especially as he is arguing, interestingly, that lack of integration is the fault of the white British. He is quite persuasive, except when he goes right over the top by saying he doesn't believe the 7/7 bombers were Muslims. This, despite their "martyrdom tapes?"

I am genuinely interested in where we have gone wrong with our Muslim fellow-citizens and I have tried once again to engage a Muslim blogger and his co-religionist commenters in a discussion. Judge for yourself to what effect.


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Tom Paine

Shahid, that's a very condescending response. It's possible, you know, for someone to disagree with you while understanding perfectly well what you are saying. I don't give a damn how much you "open your mouth." That I mind is your assumption, and it's both false and annoying. Likewise the phrase "sanitised and compliant" is yours, not mine. I am a libertarian. For present purposes, what that means is - go ahead. Be as insanitary and non-compliant as you want. Fill your boots. I enjoy free speech. You won't find me in Trafalgar Square demanding your beheading, whatever you say. Write what you want on your blog. Comment as you want here. You are most welcome.

I enjoyed your post and found it very interesting. I also tried hard to "engage" (you sarcastic so-and-so) and have not received any answers to any of my questions. You keep asserting you are a victim of racism. I keep asking you how come the white racists distinguish between Brits of Indian descent and Brits of Pakistani descent. Logically they must be doing so as Brits of Indian descent are (on average) prospering educationally and economically while Brits of Pakistani descent are (on average) not. How, logically, can the problem be white racism?

You don't answer. Why? Is it because you are comfortable with having racism as an all-purpose excuse for everything that's bad in your life?

Recently, I was on holiday with my family in France. The hotel staff were rude and incompetent. We ran into the family of one of my daughter's school friends there. Back at school they talked about it and my daughter told her what we thought. Her friend, from an ethnic minority, said they had had the same experience but had thought the staff were "being racist". I think that's a telling story. I am sure you encounter some racism. However I wonder if, like my daughter's friends, you are attributing every negative experience in your life to "racism." Shit happens, without fear or favour.


Oh dear - you really did miss the point of all that, didn't you?

The truth is that whites are less integrated than Muslims. Does saying that, when there is Home Office research to back me up, make me chippy?

How much racism do you think we've endured? Yes, there's been huge progress. I acknowlege that, but really, a British Muslim - one of you actually - no less British than you actually - opens his mouth and you don't like it...please...engage...

You say I went over the top, but you completely misrepresented me. What I said was "show me the evidence". Then I will believe. If you believe in the rule of law, as I do, then you would know that those "videos" would not hold up in court. I stand for "innocent until proven guilty". No matter how distasteful you might find my position, that is the way the law is - innocent until proven guilty - and they are still suspects - and there is still no real evidence.

Once you've got over being prickly because I'm not sanitised and compliant or whatever, then please, don't run off, engage with me, otherwise you will only prove that it is me that has integrated, but you are not interested.

There's a lot more to me than that one post, and I have a right to be angry. Are you spat on three times a week for your skin colour?

Finally, I sincerely appreciate you visiting my blog and leaving comments. I do hope you will drop by again, and - peace!

Courtney Hamilton

I thought he went over the top - all this talk of KKK, it's pretty childish and silly. It fails to recognise any progressive anti-racist changes that have occured in Britain since the winter of discontent.

He has a chip on his shoulder, made heavier by the politics of 'victimhood'. He seems to be wallowing in it.

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