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FreeBornJohn: The Unconscionable Cruelty of Polly T

Link: FreeBornJohn: The Unconscionable Cruelty of Polly T.

Please read the linked post. It is a heartfelt, passionate condemnation of that appalling fake Polly Toynbee and all her ilk. It is also terribly sad. Only constant state intervention could have created the particular horrors FreeBornJohn so eloquently describes.

Polly's pernicious prattle is more than irritating. It is more than fine fuel for the Devil's Kitchen's epic and obscene anti-Polly rants. It is destructive, dangerous filth. Only Guardianistas with no experience of life at the bottom of British society could peddle it so smugly. That the Tory Party should even nod in that direction makes me heartily sick. h/t The Devil's Kitchen