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This post is well-researched, well-written and scary. We should all be concerned at the rise in popularity of the BNP. When all conventional parties are "triangulating" each others' marginal voters, this may be how those they take for granted strike back. I grew up in the Labour Northern heartlands. I have family and friends there. Richard is right in his assessment of how traditional Labour voters feel. They see Labour as the party of "anyone but us". They are not far wrong.

I don't believe for a second that most Brits have any sympathy with the BNP's general political stance. However, if they campaign for an end to Muslim immigration and for dealing roughly with Muslim extremists, they can achieve huge success.

Labour's terrorism scare-mongering may be designed to justify (a) its foreign policy and (b) its assault on our freedoms, but it is also generating hatred and distrust. With its weak policies on immigration and pathetic incompetence in expelling those denied political asylum, it is wide open to attack by the BNP.

Gordon Brown would do well to shut up about the recent acquittal of the BNP's leaders. His every word on the subject is just confirming the darkest suspicions of his "core" voters.


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For a long time now, the Labour party has seen its electoral support enhanced by immigrant votes. It believes that such groups will continue to vote overwhelming for them. I think that will end. Where I think Richard errs is that it won't be "old" Labour vs the BNP. On the contrary, I suspect that immigrants will increasingly vote for their own parties like Respect.

james higham

The second last paragraph, in particular, is so true.

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