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Link: Telegraph | Comment | This is not justice.

I am a yankophile. It's a sad fact that to express this, I had to invent a word. The English language has more words than any other - more than twice as many as German, the next largest. In all this wealth of vocabulary are words for those who love the Chinese, the Russians and even the French, but none for those who love our friends across the Pond. Sometimes, I think they should ask themselves why.

They are doing their friends in England yet another injustice by enacting this lopsided treaty, as the Daily Telegraph clearly articulates in the linked article. I don't blame them. I blame our government. It is humiliating us by its submissiveness. It is also building anti-Americanism in Britain, which is now disturbingly rife.

The "war on terror" has become an all-purpose excuse to commit civilisational suicide before the mujihadeen even have the chance to commit their planned murder. This treaty is one of many appalling measures motivated by political machismo; an ignorant Ramboesque posturing by the essentially effeminate geeks and propellerheads of Westminster and the Beltway.

We are currently losing our war, because we are not thinking like warriors. We should be 100% focussed on identifying and neutralising our enemies. We need to stop "understanding" them, "reaching out" to them, allowing them to infiltrate our cities and - above all - appeasing them. We can be confident that - if we once stop contemplating our collective navel - there is no threat in the economic, cultural and intellectual desert of the Islamic world that we cannot sweep aside.

In fact, the threat from the dirt-poor fanatics in the Pakistani madrassas is directly proportionate to our fear. There is no need for panic measures to limit our liberties. We should simply set about calmly and manfully targetting our enemies.

How? Certainly not by conventional means. There is no point sending tanks or - God forbid - nukes against poor men in sandals. It just makes them look like victims. Our conventional forces are important, but less so - in this war - than analysts, propagandists, spies, special forces and assassins.

Most importantly, we must cut our enemies' lines of supply. That's easy, because we are their quartermasters. We must invest in energy resources on Western territory and make good our shortage of fossil fuels with a massive investment in nuclear power. Call it "green" if necessary, to placate our addle-headed tree-huggers, but the truth is that civil nuclear power is the best way to return the madmen of Islam to a state of mediaeval poverty that matches their mediaeval ideas.

Measures like this treaty create resentment and disunity. True friends and allies don't harm each other, they harm their foes. Just as much as the stray American bullets and missiles of Gulf Wars I & II, this is "friendly fire." At this stage in the game, we just don't have the bullets to waste.